24 Jan 2020

THE Public Enterprises Governance Act, 2019 (Act No. 1 of 2019), commonly referred to as PEGA, came into operation on 16 December 2019, as gazetted in Government Notice No. 390, the Minister of Public Enterprises, Leon Jooste, has announced.

The Act makes provision for the efficient governance of parastatals as well as monitoring their performances and restructuring them. It also outlines the powers and functions of the minister of public enterprises.

Jooste added that there are (21) commercial public enterprises such as Air Namibia, Meatco and Namibia Airports Company would resort under his ministry.

He drew special attention to Section 42(4) of PEGA 2019, which states that “All public enterprises listed in schedule 1 of the Public Enterprises Governance Act, 2006 (Act No. 2 of 2006) are deemed to have been declared to be public enterprises under section 2.”

He further explained that the current Schedule 1 is categorised into extra-budgetary funds, non-commercial and commercial public enterprises, as per the list provided in the Hybrid Policy, which the Cabinet approved in June 2016.

Furthermore, Section 1 and Section 4(7) of PEGA have made the Minister of Public Enterprises the “relevant minister” responsible for commercial public enterprises and the “shareholder” of a company that is a commercial public enterprise on behalf of the State. This ensures a proper and smooth transfer of the commercial public enterprises to the Ministry of Public Enterprises.

Minister Jooste added that his ministry and respective line ministries would work together to handle outstanding and emerging issues until all the relevant processes thereto are undertaken and finalised.