Windhoek Water updates

26 Jul 2019

Meatco operations are at their peak when slaughtering and deboning takes place. This warrants much time and effort to ensure that operations at the Windhoek abattoir always run smoothly to accommodate all producers’ cattle.

Since the water crisis that hit Namibia due to low rainfall received this year and consecutive droughts, economical water use is important and supply to Meatco throughout the peak season is set to remain steady.

The weekly water watch below shows that for the past week, a 3% saving has been recorded. The weekly target consumption remained at 465,000 cubic metres, and the actual consumption recorded was 452,757.27 m3.

“Again, this effort is commendable, and we are looking forward to more improved outcome going forward. Please take note of the water restrictions that apply to the severe water scarcity category D that became effective from 1 July 2019. Use water sparingly, because every drop counts,” Meatco management urges.

While the savings targets are being met, Meatco wants to ensure that water wastage is minimised. Consequently, Meatco will continue looking at ways to reduce water consumption.