Meatco producer feed initiative

12 Jul 2019

Meatco has embarked on a feed supply initiative through which it will assist farmers during the current unprecedented drought.

Through its associates within the feed supply industry, Meatco is offering farmers maize bran. Interested producers with advance-booking requests, which have an allocated or unallocated status, can contact Meatco’s Technical Advisors (TAs) to access this product.

Furthermore, due to logistical constraints and the need to keep costs as low as possible, orders are only available in full loads, which can be delivered to an agreed point. After delivery to the specified point, producers sharing the load(s) will be responsible for sorting out the distribution of the feed. Deliveries from Windhoek to the south will carry an additional cost of N$150 per tonne.

The preconditions of these orders mean that only orders for which proof of payment has been received will be executed. Meatco will not finance any projects or orders before any proof of payment is established or provided.

Meatco’s TAs can provide the required bank account details upon request. Deliveries are expected to take place within seven days of obtaining proof of payment and the product is only available while stocks last.

The price of maize bran is N$3,900 excluding Value Added Tax (VAT). Producers are advised that loads are approximately 26 tonnes and payments will be executed according to the invoice issued by Meatco (Okapuka Feedlot). Thereafter, a final invoice will be issued on receipt of the product and then a credit note will be issued verifying the actual volume delivered. This is because the product will not be as full feed, Meatco advises farmers to contact their regular feed supplier(s) to balance the loads into full feed or as per their preferred requirements.

These options are available and producers are urged to discuss them with their TA.