Meatco’s export quality beef now available for local consumption

07 Jun 2019

Meatco has availed its export quality beef cuts to Food Lover’s Market retail shop beginning at the new outlet opened at the revamped Wernhil Shopping Centre Extension on 1 June 2019.

Food Lover’s Market will be stocking Meatco’s export quality beef in primal cuts such as rump, fillet, striploin, silverside and topside.

Food Lover’s Market’s General Manager responsible for Meat in Namibia, Marius Brundyn, said, “We would like to thank Meatco for allowing us to be the first retail store to shelf their meat for the local market. I am also pleased that Namibians now have the opportunity to buy Meatco export quality meat.

“The prices are relatively fair in accordance with export quality standards. Tourists visiting Namibia from international markets that Meatco exports to like Norway always request export quality meat when they shop at our retail outlets. I am, therefore, proud that I can now sell them the same quality beef they eat back home produced in Namibia when they visit our country.”

Additionally, this milestone in the local market would give local consumers the full appreciation for premium beef, which is the same export quality that Meatco produces for its international markets. 

The move to avail export quality meat locally is in line with the Ministry of Industrialisation, Trade and SME Development’s “Growth at Home Strategy” towards which Meatco significantly contributes.   

Meatco’s export quality beef can now be purchased from all Food Lover’s Market retail outlets countrywide