How to use the Meatco GO APP

03 May 2019
  1. Open an internet browser either on your phone, tablet or computer and type in:
  2. Click on register
  3. In the email field type in your email address. (It is important that it is the email that we have on our internal systems. In other words the same one you get the e-news on)
  4. Type in the password you like
  5. Click submit request
  6. You will now be returned to the main page. Type in your email address and password and click login.

Access to slaughter schedule

Producers are able to view the slaughter plan in the instance that they would want to make a change on delivery dates at any time via Meatco GO.

Ease of use
Producers will be able to change booking dates and view a summary of slaughter statement. Overall, the new system is a better way to serve our valued producers and will also be beneficial to Meatco as a business entity.