The story of Sackeus Kateya

05 Apr 2019

Since winning the ultimate kapana championship in the 2018 Nedbank Kapana Challenge, Sakeus Kateya (affectionately known as Sacky) has made success out of the container shop.

Sacky operates mainly from the Meatco head office from as early as 07:00 until around 17:00.

“We have diversified the menu a little with some delicious variants like ‘Kapana wraps’. The popular Russian and chips is also something we have available for our customers,” says Sacky.

Overall, Sacky expanded the business by bringing in two partners, who are experienced in catering and logistics.

“Together with Anton “Tony” Nakale, Bengina Hamukoshi, we run the day to day operations and also plan for functions that we serve, such as the MeatMa birthday bash or special events and the Nedbank Cycle Challenge to name a few off the top of my head,” adds Sacky. 

Many customers attest to the fact that the meat is delicious. You receive the tomato and onion salsa as part of the package, to which you can add some vetkoeks or cool drink.

Altogether, one receives fresh kapana with a serviette and a toothpick, and get to spice the meat to one’s liking.

So, if looking for a cheap and practical place to get a kapana fix, look no further than Sacky’s Kapana Store, located at the Meatco Namibia head office right next to the MeatMa outlet on 1 Sheffield Street

This micro business not only ensures customers good entertainment for the teeth and belly but also assists the upcoming business, which is owned, manned and organised by youthful individuals.

This young micro-business has the youth pulling out all the stops to provide quality service and product to customers and is certainly worth a visit.