Meatco engagements prove popular

15 Mar 2019

Reigning Communal Producer of the Year, Sakaria Gaeb, says the Meatco FLM is a key tool in engaging with producers and creating more transparency among stakeholders.

“I feel really good about having been part of the FLM. It taught me quite a bit about the business and look forward to more engagements of this nature,” said Gaeb.

The first round of engagements was spread across Gobabis, Windhoek, Otjiwarongo, Grootfontein and Rundu with the purpose of having frank and honest conversations with producers to get everyone’s input in order to pull in one direction, as industry role players.

The Namibian beef and livestock industry is under immense pressure, as farmers received very little to no rains across the country.

Meatco producer and former board member, Diethelm Metzger, gave very notable and insightful opinions relating to the current state of business.

Meatco expressed readiness to assist its farmers, and encouraged everyone to come forward and continuously engage.

Overall, the exercise is bearing fruit and Meatco would like to thank the producers for their continuous support and contribution.