Notice - New booking and notification process for producers

31 Aug 2018

Following the simplification of the booking and merit point system, Meatco is determined to educate producers on how the new booking and notification process will operate.


Diagram illustrating how the process will operate below

Under the new system, once a producer requests a booking and the request is entered in the Meatco system, he/she will receive a booking request confirmation via email and SMS. The producer will be notified via SMS regarding the allocation date or unallocated status once the allocation run takes place. If a producer wishes to change his/her allocation to a different date (try to improve), is satisfied with the allocated date or wishes to cancel his/her booking, the producer must communicate with livestock procurement personnel or make use of the Meatco Go App.


Once the status of the request is changed to booked, the producer will be notified via SMS and receive his/her sales advice via e-mail. A reminder SMS will be sent to a producer seven days and one day prior to delivery.


Producers who requested a booking and received an unallocated status (due to full quotas) will receive an SMS notification. Producers who prefer to wait for their status to change will not receive any notifications. Additionally, in the event that a booking request changes status from unallocated to allocated, an SMS will be sent informing the producer of the allocation date.


It should be noted that Meatco is still in the implementation process of the above mentioned.