Revamped Okangoho crush pen provides increased marketing opportunities to farmers

20 Apr 2018

The Okangoho Multi-purpose Cooperative through the Meatco Foundation last week hosted the first permit day at the recently refurbished crush pen.

The permit day at the crush pen, which was constructed with the express purpose to empower and create marketing opportunities for farmers in surrounding areas, was held on 11 April 2018. 

A total 136 cattle comprising of slaughter cattle and feedlot cattle as well as weaners were procured on the day by speculator, Mr. Dirk Potgieter.

The permit day also hosted small scale vendors and kapana vendors who were supported by the large number of community members in attendance.

According to Meatco’s Technical Adviser, Benneth Tjikurame, the assistance given by Meatco, through the Meatco Foundation, was purposed to create livestock marketing opportunities and improve animal health statuses within the communities.

“Thus Meatco will continue to procure animals from farmers and grant private buyers the opportunity to utilise our facility through permit days organised by the Okangoho Multi-purpose coop,” Tjikurame said.

Meatco regularly conducts permit days in communal areas during which farmers can bring their cattle to a central point where cattle is weighed and sold for immediate cash.

The permit days are organised at various multi-purpose loading kraals spread out across communal areas by the respective organized associations/ cooperatives.

The upgrade of the crush pen to the current world-class standard was funded by the Meatco Foundation in partnership with UNIL (Norwegian Group).