Mobile Slaughter Unit delivers on promise

20 Apr 2018

Meatco’s Mobile Slaughter Unit (MSU) that was introduced into the Northern Communal Area (NCA) in mid-August 2016 has been on a good journey thus far.

According to MSU Plant Manager, Obed Kaatura, the unit that has a slaughter throughput of between 15 and 20 cattle per week, managed to slaughter 746 animals in 2016, 927 in 2017 and 303 from January to date, with demand still surging.

Due to the increasing demand, the MSU will remain at the Mutambo Ribebe quarantine camp for the time being.

The next station will be communicated in due course, but the option of moving to a centralized point in the Oshikoto region is strongly being considered once all the logistics are in place and the condition of animals allows for easier marketability.