Meatco advises caution to public

05 Mar 2018

Meatco has recently come across concerning social media posts regarding the listeria outbreak and affected products in neighbouring South Africa. Meatco is greatly shocked and appalled by an image of our Eloolo canned beef product being circulated along with the article(s) relating to South Africa and products unrelated to Meatco.

Meatco would like to categorically caution the public to stop spreading the image of our Eloolo canned beef product because the product and all other Meatco products pose no threat connected to listeria or the articles relating to news in South Africa. Meatco will continue to vigorously monitor social media and other platforms in relation to the subject of listeria and appeal to the public to not spread news that may cause harm to our world renowned and loved Meatco products.

“Given all the processing in the abattoirs, it is essential that Quality Assurance is maintained. All Meatco's processes are in keeping with international standards, and testing of the meat is done daily at Meatco's internal laboratory, says Meatco Quality Assurance Executive, Rosa Katjivena.

Due to our stringent quality assurance methods, Meatco would like to guarantee the safety and quality of our products.