The life of an employee after a workplace injury

10 Nov 2017

Following an ammonia leak that occurred on 8 March 2017 at the Meatco Windhoek Abattoir, the recovery of severely injured Utility Man, Shiyukifeni Kashikola (23), has been remarkable.

Now that the worst is behind him, Kashikola is back at work following a lengthy recovery process with psychological sessions and medical treatments (funded by Meatco) having recently come to an end. 

“I am doing very well, except for the slight headaches I experience once in a while. I am grateful that the headaches do not affect my work. Therefore I don’t need to stay away from work for long periods because at the moment there are no further risks to my health,” he says.

“After the incident, I was under the impression that I would have brain damage and would not be able to fulfil my duties. I was stressed because of the many stories I heard about the effects ammonia can have when it comes into contact with human beings. However, with Meatco’s assistance through Wellness Officer Maryl Brandt who kept me positive and made sure I never missed any of the numerous doctors’ appointments, I am recovering well,” Kashikola adds.

After returning to work following six months of sick leave, Kashikola now has a new position in the Dispatch department where he is responsible for operating the wrapping machine. This will avoid possible back injuries since the ordeal caused him considerable backaches.

Meatco wishes him well and will continue supporting him during his recovery.