Notice: Contract pay-outs for the third period of 2017

10 Nov 2017

Meatco recently paid the N$2.50 contract premium to producers who signed and delivered cattle for the third contract period which ran from July to September 2017. The payments were made to producers who complied with the terms and conditions of their Delivery Agreements.

Meatco paid a total of N$5 816 449.95 to producers for 8 763 cattle that qualified for the period. Confirmation of payments will be distributed in due course.

Also, payments of N$80 271.74 for the September Special Delivery Agreement were made to specific producers for 124 cattle delivered. 

“We would like to thank all 197 producers who slaughtered with us in the third period for their continuous support,” Livestock Procurement: Administration Manager, René Mouton said.

Producers can contact their nearest service office for inquiries regarding contract premium pay-outs.