Notice: Signing for the 4th contract period

21 Jul 2017

Producers are reminded that the signing of the Delivery Agreement for the fourth and final period of 2017 (October to December 2017), ends on Thursday, 31 August. Producers who sign a Delivery Agreement with Meatco and who deliver at least 90% of the contracted cattle for this period, qualify for a contract premium of N$2.50 per kilogram. The maximum animals to be delivered and still qualify for the premium, is 110% of the contracted quantity plus an additional 36 cattle. Terms and conditions apply. 

If a producer applies via e-mail it is his/her responsibility to confirm with the Service Office whether the application and proxy were received.

The Delivery Agreement can be signed at any Meatco Procurement Service Office.

The contract system will automatically close at 07:30 on 1 September 2017.