07 Apr 2017

The London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) has identified Meatco as one of Africa’s most inspiring companies in the United Kingdom. Meatco together with other (16) companies in Namibia namely Agra, Ohorongo Cement, Power Line Africa to mentioned, but a few are some of the companies identified as Africa's most inspiring businesses.

The group hosted the launch of “Companies to Inspire Africa” on 31 March 2017, which puts forward the most dynamic companies on the continent.
The report identifies Africa’s fastest growing, private companies and profiles them based on country and industry.
The LSEG has always played a central role in bringing together ambitious, growing companies from around the world with global-minded investors. Key to that role is a continual effort to raise awareness in emerging markets of the unrivalled investor base that exists in London seeking exposure to new geographies and opportunities. Similarly, they work to educate and introduce investors to the opportunities that these companies and countries offer.
In that spirit, LSEG has undertaken an unparalleled research project in partnership with the Africa Development Bank Group, CDC Group and PwC, to reveal Africa’s most inspiring small and medium-sized enterprises.
The special launch event to celebrate African companies’ success, ambition and uniquely African entrepreneurial spirit, was attended by a broad range of Africa-focused investors as well as senior representatives from above-mentioned companies to highlight outstanding stories of innovation, bravery and growth across the continent.

Xavier Rolet, Chief Executive of the LSEG said they are delighted to release the first edition of the group’s ‘Companies to Inspire Africa’ report that follows their research focused on the UK and European SMEs.
“For the first time ever, we have identified hundreds of Africa’s most inspirational and dynamic private companies. This initiative demonstrates the huge role that small and medium sized enterprises are playing as the driving force behind African economies: developing skills, creating high quality jobs and delivering growth.”