Ammonia gas leakage Progress update

10 Mar 2017

6) Employees were released on 09 March 2017. Despite the nature of exposure the (1) employee remains in critical condition and has improved from first assessment and remains under the care of specialist Physician & Pulmonologist, Dr. Willie Bruwer, at Lady Pohamba Hospital.  On 09 March 2017, Dr. Bruwer confirmed that (33) year-old Shiyukifeni Kashikola has improved after 24-hours of strict surveillance.  Shiyukifeni Kashikola, the last remaining employee at this hospital, has been discharged from ICU and moved to a general ward.

He is responding to treatment and is communicating already

The entire plant is undergoing deep cleaning to disinfect and make sure there is no ammonium traces in all production areas to ensure that the plant is ready for production after the leakage on 08 March 2017, while investigations as to what caused the leakage continues.  

Operation Management alongside Quality Assurance and the Directorate of Veterinary Services carried out an inspection to assess the impact of the ammonia gas on the products in the different production area. Products that are found to be exposed will be destroyed.