Meatco still concerned about water levels

24 Feb 2017

The Von Bach dam from the distance 


The current rainfall in Windhoek and other parts of the country are finally bringing about an inflow from the catchment areas into the main storage dams.

The central dams, namely Von Bach, Swakoppoort and Omatako that supply water to Windhoek, held a combined 42.2 million cubic metres of water on 20 February 2017 while a week earlier they held only 25 million cubic metres of water, compared to the 22.4 million cubic metres in the same period last year.

When compared to figures from 2016, the Von Bach Dam currently stands at 42.8% capacity (21.5% in 2016) and the Omatako Dam at 31.5% (6.5% in 2016).

Concious water use is encouraged at Meatco