Membership at Meatco

10 Feb 2017

Namibian farmers are encouraged to apply for Meatco membership to build a solid, sustainable foundation for the betterment of every producer and the nation as a whole.

Producers are often under the impression that they become Meatco producers automatically when they register and sign delivery contracts.

While producers slaughtering for the first time are required to apply for the delivery and slaughter of cattle to Meatco as well as to sign contracts, farmers who wish to become members have to complete a membership application form, obtainable from his/her nearest Livestock Procurement office.

For farmers to qualify for membership, they need to slaughter at least one head of cattle at Meatco’s abattoir or Mobile Slaughter Unit in the Northern Communal Area (NCA) every three years and market to registered Meatco facilities like our feedlots or at Meatco permit days.

Farmers who have sold cattle to Meatco and have failed to qualify for slaughter at the abattoir or for standing space at the feedlots through the Meatco Owned Cattle (MoC) scheme, do not qualify for membership at Meatco.

Louise Vermeulen, Livestock Coordinator: Abattoirs, says: “Membership is imperative for farmers to voice their opinions, to vote or take part in strategic decisions at Annual General Meetings or other platforms. Therefore it is important that farmers enquire about his/her membership status at a Meatco livestock procurement clerk.”

No membership fee is payable and farmers immediately become Meatco members once the information is captured onto the database.

Nonetheless, once a member fails to market within a period of three years, his/her Meatco membership is deactivated and therefore consistent marketing is important.