Meatco markets and sales across the globe

02 Dec 2016

The beef industry, being a major exporting entity globally, undergoes constant changes in terms of access to overseas markets; markets that affect the profitability of both livestock producers and meat processors like Meatco.

The marketing and sales department is one of the organisation’s key departments which ensures that Meatco’s excellent quality meat products reach as many markets as possible including the EU, Norway, the UK, Reunion and selected countries in Africa.

Meatco Namibia supplies international customers with a high quality meat product that has cemented itself across key European markets, while Wholesale and MeatMa provide products for the local market.

In order to meet the growing markets and their demands, Meatco has many partners spanning the globe that work towards establishing and penetrating niche markets. One such partner is the GPS FOOD group that has access to a wide range of markets, backed up by a highly motivated and experienced technical and logistics team. The group also has a flexible and cost-effective service designed to meet the specific and unique requirements of an international client like Meatco.

Through the diverse international client base, Meatco feeds products to reputable retailers like Famous Brands, Burger King (South Africa), NorgesGruppen (Norway), Coop (Denmark) and others including Tesco, Metro and ASDA, which is part of the Walmart family.

When it comes to branded processors who take Meatco products and develop them into a final processed product for end-users, Meatco supplies to Heinz in Denmark, Steers in South Africa, Del Zoppo in Italy, as well as providing products to Wimpy, MacDonald’s and many others.

The complex international markets require an ongoing effort to defend existing rights of access to livestock and meat markets, and where possible, to secure improvements to export conditions via trade reform.

Meatco exports the bulk of its prime cuts (mostly from the hindquarters) to Norway and the European Union, the United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark and Italy as these markets provide the highest value for these particular products.

Meatco’s biggest market by volume in Africa is neighbouring South Africa, which receives 38.4% of the corporation’s exports. Due to South Africa’s population size, income levels and proximity, it remains a lucrative market for some of our beef products.

Meatco will continue to unlock markets that can mean more value for Namibian producers and broader market diversification for the company. 


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