Permit day scheduled for Queen Sophia

11 Nov 2016

Meatco will be hosting a permit day on 15 and 16 November 2016 at the Queen Sophia resettlement farm located between Outjo and Otavi.

The farm is one of the country’s largest resettlement projects and procurement will be done from the project’s cattle and from surrounding farmers. Meatco’s permit days are organised by the Livestock Procurement department to create a platform or marketing opportunity for communal producers in their respective areas.

On the permit day, Meatco will only buy cattle weighing 250 kg and more. Thereafter the animals will remain standing at Farm Bradley and the Okapuka Feedlot as part of our backwards integration initiative. On that day, slaughter cattle will also be purchased for the Annasruh Feedlot near Gobabis. Producers are urged not to deliver light weaners, as they will not be purchased. Meatco will send out prices beforehand so that farmers will know what type of cattle to deliver and the prices to be paid.

“Meatco’s aim for purchasing cattle in the area is to stimulate and provide marketing opportunities for the surrounding farmers,” says Livestock Procurement Manager: Communal, Patrick Liebenberg.


On 15 November, producers will deliver their cattle and officials from the Directorate of Veterinary Services (DVS) will check for correct documentation, followed by Meatco weighing, purchasing and paying producers on 16 November.

Due to the number of resettlement farmers and purchasing facilities at Queen Sophia, the farm is likely to become a regular Meatco permit day host.