Meatco fulfils Norwegian quota for 2016

11 Nov 2016

The Meat Corporation of Namibia filled the Norway export quota of 1 600 tons for the 2016 calendar year. The Norway market is a significant business relationship that Meatco will continue to nurture.

Despite Meatco’s Okapuka Feedlot being closed for eight weeks, the company managed to fill the quota, which is good news for the company, producers and the Namibian industry as a whole. The feedlot closure had a negative impact since the benefits derived from the quota will be absorbed by the losses incurred and will not necessarily benefit Meatco. However, by fulfilling the quota Meatco continues serving niche markets and placing the Natures Reserve product range onto shelves that will bring maximum yields for our valued producers.

“By fulfilling the quota we have proven to the Norwegian authorities that we have the capacity and capability to fully utilise the allocated and additional quota in future,” says Executive: Marketing & Sales, Cyprianus Khaiseb.

Meatco was awarded the remaining 400 tons of the Norway quota by the Meat Board of Namibia on 18 August 2016.

Through government, the Meat Board of Namibia requested Meatco to fill the Norway quota by 31 December 2016 so that Namibia can negotiate for a quota increase in future.