First Consignment Off To Hong Kong

23 Sep 2016

After receiving approval to start exports to Asian markets in May, Meatco shipped the first container destined for Hong Kong on 22 September 2016.

According to Marketing and Sales Executive Cyprianus Khaiseb, Hong Kong is an alternate market for Namibian beef. Namibia produces about 60 000 metric tons of beef products per year. Of this, roughly 20 000 metric tons is exported to South Africa and the European Union (EU).

“After receiving approval without any product restrictions for Hong Kong, Meatco can now export good volumes to the Asian market,” Cyprianus says.

The first consignment consists of various cuts, weighing 23 719.28 kilograms in total.

The new markets Meatco is exploring around the world allows us to promote products in different places and to balance the product mix.

What makes it more exciting, is that Namibia is the first country in Africa to export beef to Hong Kong.

Among the health requirements that make us eligible to export beef to Hong Kong, is that all cattle eligible for export must be born and raised in areas free of foot-and-mouth-disease where no vaccinations are done. These animals must also bear a unique identification mark to trace the animal back to the farm of origin.

The agreement also includes the export of offal and sealed or frozen beef products as well as bone-in products.

Namibian beef is already on shelves throughout Europe and Norway, but there is a strong need to explore new markets to increase Meatco’s revenue in terms product mix during different times of the year.

These other markets provide confidence in Namibia’s animal health status and producers can rest assured that they have secure markets for their cattle.

“While it’s one thing that we have new markets, it is quite another challenge to keep these new markets paying competitive prices on a sustainable basis,” Khaiseb concludes.

The first batch to be shipped to Hong Kong.