Farmer Liaison Meetings for Meatco producers

24 Mar 2016

Meatco will once again commence with its Farmers Liaison Meetings (FLMs) for Commercial and Communal Producers this year. The meetings are held by Meatco’s Livestock Procurement department with the aim of interacting with producers at grass-roots level.

The first FLM for Meatco’s commercial producers will be held in Gobabis on 19 April 2016 at Goba Lodge, while the second will take place in Okahandja on 20 April 2016 at the Okahandja Country Hotel.

“FLMs are a great opportunity to enhance face to face communication with producers, where both parties can listen to each other without Meatco being the only party disseminating information,” Corporate Affairs Manager Rosa Thobias, said.

Meeting times will be communicated to producers via our mobile communication channels so that no one misses these important gatherings.