How we add value

Adding value to Namibian beef starts in the veld, where farmers rear free-range cattle using natural methods. Animals are raised on veld grass for the majority of their lives and no growth hormones or routine antibiotics are used in their rearing. Apart from using naturally reared cattle for our production and ensuring that they are treated according to strict animal welfare principles, we further differentiate ourselves by eschewing commodity trading as far as possible. So we do not sell carcasses in international markets, but focus instead on producing value-added, deboned cuts of meat to meet various client specifications for customers across the world.

Our aim is to add as much value to carcasses as possible and to thus closely align ourselves with the needs of the end consumer of our products. As a consequence, we are constantly developing our value chain by placing greater emphasis on the quality and unique characteristics of our beef. Almost 100% of the slaughtered animal is processed and sold. In this way, we can maximise value addition opportunities.

To highlight the unique qualities of our product, we have developed our very own Natures Reserve brand of products, which – along with the Meatco brand – acts as a vehicle to extract the maximum value from international markets for the Corporation’s livestock producers. Meatco’s Natures Reserve brand has opened up free-range beef marketing channels and serves various international customers.We believe that the key to the unique flavour of Natures Reserve products is our emphasis on healthy and contented cattle and animal welfare is therefore a priority.